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Computer Hardware/Software installations and Repires:-

We install and repire all kinds of computers being

Laptops /Desktops/Towers and their Operating

Systems being XP, Vister, Windows7&8, Linus, Mac.

We have deferent types of original Software

to suit your Pc’s in all kinds of Business.

Database Development.

We design standard database for all kinds

of business to help track and ensure data safety.

We design database to curry out the work load of workers.

Talk of Registration, Inventory Tracking,

Daily/Monthly/Quarterly Reports in divers form

such as graph, chats in their deference forms.

Networking :-

We dose all kinds of Networking to suit your

business for easy access of data with an expert approach,

we install networking such as Wide Area Networking(WAN),

and Local Area Network(LAN) in their deference forms .

Web site Designing and maintenance:-

We design websites in their varieties that attract customer to visit.

We also help our customers to maintain and update their

website to meet the needs of their customers and

compete with other world class business.

Unlocking and Decoding (Phones and Modems)

We hold the world class golden key to

unlock all your technological closed doors

such as locked phones and modems

in their divers brands. We unlock and

decode 120 modem within 30munites

and same as mobile phones.

CCTV Installations

We install all kinds of Close Circuit TV’s

with reliable setups to ensure customers safety. 

We setup these technological guards

with high standard camera clear views, capture

and recording. We have packages for both

small and big companies.

Power Inverters Installation:-

We install all kinds of power inverters to suit your company,

car, and home to enable you convert your DC to AC

in other to use all electronical appliances.

Sola-panels Installations

From a wide range of 0 to 3000Wt of sola-panels

installations and maintaince we have brought to your

doorsteps to maintain power and avoid its fractuasions